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Boo Heads to Atlanta for Dragon Con

Substance abuse and recovery are terrifying concepts in themselves. Whether it's alcohol or drugs, getting clean and staying sober is a challenge not unlike battling a monster at the end of a creature feature. More over, staying sober is a lifelong challenge. Rakefet Abergel's (Jax in Love) latest film, Boo, takes the real life struggle of recovery and casts it in a frightening new light.

Devi (Abergel) has just left an AA meeting after earning her 8 year sobriety chip. As her friends from the meeting leave she finds herself alone in a dimly lit parking lot waiting for her ride. A man is waiting in a car and offers her a drink, trying to lure her into a dangerous situation. Forcing her into his vehicle, this would be rapist has no idea just how much danger he's in.

Boo is not the film that you think it is which is a delight for anyone watching. The story itself is full of temptation, personal struggle, and battling one's inner demons as the world itself rages against you. Written and directed by Abergel, the characters are real and well developed.

Creating a short film is like writing a short story. You have a limited space to work in an you have to choose every scene, every movement and word with deliberate precision in order to craft something memorable that connects with an audience. Rakefet Abergel has become a master storyteller in her films and, with Boo's unique twist, she'll have horror fans cheering.

Boo has been selected to run as a part of Dragon Con's annual film festival this Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. Dragon Con, for those who don't know, is the largest fandom event in the Southeast with cosplay, film, panels, contests, and entertainment focusing on genre culture. If you're attending, be sure to catch BOO and all of the other incredible films playing during the convention.

Check out the behind the scenes video below and be sure to look for updates about Boo and where it will be playing next at Cyclamen Films.


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