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Jeffery Potts

Writer, Director, Editor, Mad Scientist
Jeffery has been a fan of horror since he was young; however, he was usually too scared to watch them and would walk through the horror section and look at all the covers of the VHS tapes and get scared. He has since made it past the boxes that creeped him out all those years ago and watched the movies. The movie that Jeff cites as his favorite horror film and says changed the direction of his life is Jaws.

Haley JoAnna

Producer, Social Media Guru, and Makeup FX 

Haley likes everything bloody and gory. Her all-time favorite horror film is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

Dan Lee AKA Danno

Head Writer/Correspondent

Dan is an author, editorialist, podcaster, and horror culture & lifestyle correspondent from the Southeast.  You can find Dan's stories at and through PDI Press.

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