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Watch: Short Horror Films from Workobeyfilms

There’s nothing better than waking up during this festive season, checking the e-mail and seeing a scare maker share their work with us; it’s a spooky surprise, a creepy stocking stuffer, a present of horror – and thanks to Andrew J.D. Robinson of Workobeyfilms here are four short films to make holidays a little more red.

Robinson has four short films and first up is, Sightings with a run-time of 02m: 06s. This short film explores the emotional loss two sisters feel for the disappearance of the third. The film excels with the grotesque makeup of the dead body and the performances are very nice. Sightings, written and directed by Robinson, stars Angela Parent, Hayden Rose, Chantal Kloosterman, and Maissa Houri. Special Effects are by Alina Suave. This is a great start to the playlist.

Second on the list is A Walk Home Alone (06m: 34s). This piece is more of a drama (with a hint of thriller) than a horror film, but as the film comes to its conclusion, the dread wells up inside. A Walk Home Alone stars Maura Stephens, Jurgen Vollrath, Jenn Nangle, and Patrick Sutters.

Third is Placebo (02m: 29s) which stars Aileigh Karson, Jennifer Trudrung, and Maura Stephens. Placebo is billed as a surreal horror and while it is unsettling, intense, and I get underlying message - I have to admit, Surreal/ art films are not my favorite. If you do like them, Placebo is interesting and nice visuals, but as a point of personal preference, once was enough.

Fourth up is Something Scary (03m: 49s), which was my favorite of the four films. This piece shows GamerGurl who is able to get her hands a beta version of an indie horror game and while streaming she finds that there is something really scary hidden in the game. The concept of this film is fun, creepy and has the potential to being extended to a feature film.

Andrew J.D. Robinson is truly a film maker, and scare maker that I can’t wait to see more from. CLICK HERE to see more of Robinson's work.

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