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6:66 PM comes to VOD

(Studio City, California) 6:66 PM recently had its World Premiere at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival. Now, this blend of horror and comedy is available through Video-on-demand. At Buffalo Dreams, this title won “Best Comedy Feature,” with writer and actor Chad Ridgely in attendance. The film involves a team of paranormal investigators, who are in over their head. Their latest investigation, into a faux haunting, turns out to be real and one serial killer is back from the dead! 6:66 PM is out now on several digital platforms.

6:66 PM was a collaboration amongst several filmmakers. Jim Klock, of “Scream Queens” fame directed this indie film, with the script developed by writers Tommy Mc

Laughlin and Chad Ridgely (Massacre on Aisle 12). 6:66 PM stars: Chad Ridgely, Autumn Federici (Haunting of the Innocent), Alexis Kelly, Robin F. Baker and many others. This title was also a collaboration between Full Auto Films and Code 3 Films. All of these filmmakers have brought their best to the screen, with 6:66 PM.

Currently, this title is available on three VOD platforms. It is now streaming on: iTunes, VuDu and Amazon. There are plans to bring 6:66 PM to DVD, with more details to follow. Film fans can find the funniest horror feature to come out this year, on digital now!

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