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What’s New On Shudder: December 2016

Horror fans have plenty to be joyful about this holiday season, especially if Shudder is streaming in the household. While other streaming services are playing lighthearted family films throughout the month, Shudder plays horror, and only horror, all year long. This month, however, they’ve got some special treats to add to our stockings. From a sinister Christmastime classic to Rob Zombie’s latest effort, the genre service has plenty of cheer to spread for every horror fan for only $4.99 a month.

With over 50 more movies available this month, there’s a lot to wade through. Nothing is more frustrating than spending half of your downtime choosing a movie to watch, so in addition to the list of newly available films, here’s a quick list of recommendations from 52 Weeks of Horror.

The Fog (1980) - John Carpenter fans get an early holiday present in the form of The Fog. Undead lepers from an old local legend claim retribution for a blood debt on the people of Antonio Bay the night before their town centennial. Boasting a star-studded cast and a stellar script, this solid ghost story still delivers scares nearly 4 decades after its release.

Peeping Tom (1960) - This film (a favorite of director Martin Scorsese’s) was so controversial that it was swiftly banned in British theaters upon its 1960 release. It was a pioneer in the slasher subgenre, and the first movie to put the audience in the killer’s point-of-view. This complement to Psycho follows focus puller/cameraman Mark Lewis, a disturbed young man who murders women. The character is largely sympathetic; Karlheinz Bohm brings a special vulnerability to the role of Mark, treating him with care. The result is an amazing performance and memorable movie.

Black Christmas (1974) - One of my favorite bits of horror trivia goes like this: In 1986, Olivia Hussey was in talks for the title role for the film Roxanne (1987). She met future Roxanne co-star Steve Martin (yes, THE Steve Martin) and he proclaimed, "Oh my God, Olivia, you were in one of my all-time favorite films!" She assumed he was referring to Romeo and Juliet (1968), when he revealed (to her surprise) that it was actually Black Christmas. Martin claimed he had seen the film over 20 times. This movie is an annual must-watch for fans of the genre.

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013) - Horror lovers often have slim pickings when it comes to documentary films made with them in mind. Crystal Lake Memories is one such recent doc, and boy, does it deliver. This 6 hour behemoth gives a comprehensive history of the Friday the 13th series, including the 2009 reboot, and is narrated by Corey Feldman. Featuring outtakes, original concept art, and interviews with over 150 cast & crew members from the films, this documentary is an outstanding tribute to an iconic franchise.

Almost Human (2013) - Director Joe Begos jumped onto the horror scene just a few years ago, and between this film and his second effort, The Mind’s Eye, it’s clear that Begos is a rising star to look out for. From the IMDB summary: “Mark Fisher disappeared from his home in a brilliant flash of blue light almost two years ago. His friend Seth Hampton was the last to see him alive. Now a string of grisly, violent murders leads Seth to believe that Mark is back, and something evil is inside of him.” Fans of The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers will find similarities in tone and style to this film, though Almost Human is most definitely its own beast. Despite its low budget, the obvious love for genre-straddling horror shines through.

Available December 1

The Abandoned (2007)

Baby Blood (1990)

Baxter (1989)

The Blob (1958)

Blood From the Mummy¹s Tomb (1971)

The Burrowers (2008)

The Convent (2000)

Demons of the Mind (1972)

Fear No Evil (1981)

Filmhouse Fever (1986)

The Fog (1980)

Frontier(s) (2007)

Gothic (1987)

Hellbenders (1967)

The Horror of Frankenstein (1970)

Husk (2011)

Link (1986)

Lust for a Vampire (1971)

The Manitou (1978)

May (2002)

Open Your Eyes (1997)

Paperhouse (1988)

Peeping Tom (1960)

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

The Revenant (2012)

Ritual (2013)

Scars of Dracula (1970)

Toolbox Murders (2004)

Torture Garden (1967)

Trapped Ashes (2006)

Tsui Hark¹s Vampire Hunters (2003)

Vinyan (2008)

Waxwork (1988)

Waxwork II (1992)

Available December 7

31 (2016) *Shudder Exclusive*

Available December 8

The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

Inferno (1980)

Psychomania (1973)

Available December 15

Black Christmas (1974)

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013)

Dead Ringers (1998)

Digging Up The Marrow (2014)

The Echo (2008)

Shrew¹s Nest (2014)

Available December 16

Autopsy (1975)

Baba Yaga (1973) aka The Devil Witch

The Black Cat (1981)

Available December 17

Almost Human (2013)

Available December 19

Bloodstained Shadow (1978)

Cannibal Man (1972)

Circus of Fear (1966) aka Psycho-Circus

Available December 20

Coherence (2013)

Soft For Digging (2001)

Available December 22

Rabid (1977)

Available December 28

Daughters of Darkness (1971)

Escape From The Bronx (1983)

Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (1970)

God Told Me To (1976)

See any other films you’d recommend? Any you plan on catching this month? Let us know in the comments below.

Anya Novak is a horror enthusiast and freelance writer, with bylines at Horror-Writers and Daily Grindhouse.

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