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Learn About Zombies In 1 Minute

Zombies: the word itself conjures up images of hordes of the dead, walking towards a still living human in a mindless quest to eat them. However, this is only one type of zombie and the history of the undead creature spans through books, films and even through the practice of the Voodoo religion. The Topic is certainly larger and more extensive than one post can contain. That said, the following video by Fandor Keyframe is just over 1 minute and is a very brief primer to the history of the zombie genre.

The Zombie genre has run through its cycle more than once and I'm sure that soon it will come back. Just when we find ourselves gripped by another force, be it mass consumerism, we find ourselves in the midst of an economic collapse, or an unquestioned following of an idea, the zombie film will return to reflect the society which we live back at ourselves and warn us not to to not accept anything blindly.

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