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Watch: The Shining's Man In The Bear Suit Decoded

Watching any movie by Stanley Kubrick, one gets the feeling of a lot of depth in each shot – more than even the eye can perceive. Kubrick was obsessed with detail and that obsession has led people to look at his movies, frame by frame, backwards and forwards to find hidden messages and meanings and none have been examined more closely than The Shining. This enigmatic horror piece is like the maze just outside the Overlook Hotel; it seems straightforward, but once you get in, it’s a twisted path to get to the end.

One of those moment, that's so strange and brief, yet, the horror raised to a new level, was when Wendy discovers a man in a bear costume performing fellatio on another man. It was subtle, creepy, and without context…or was it?

Based heavily on Rob Ager’s analysis, this video by ScreenPrism discusses the hidden meaning behind the creepy moment.

The questions is, are there messages there, or is it, simply finding patterns in the noise? We may likely never know but some of the hypotheses put forward are worth considering.

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