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Snickers Scares Away Hunger With 'The Ring'

You know what happens if you don’t eat, you turn into a monster. At least that's what the latest Snicker’s commercial would have you believe; however the joke is, the monster may, at first, seem like Sadako, the creepy girl who comes crawling out of the TV from the Ring Franchise-but when she’s hangry, she becomes a diva.

The uptight actress who is portraying the clumsy Sadako is portrayed by Yoshiko Mita, a famous veteran actress well-known in Japan. But there are more Easter eggs in the commercial. They also had actress Elly Nanami, who actually played Sadako in the movies, portray the creepy version of the horror character.

The commercials,” you’re not you when you’re hungry” have been popular all around, and this, the sixth in a series, is a fun installment that will give horror fans a chuckle.

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