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One of the Largest Erotic Feature Film Libraries in the World

HOLLYWOOD, October 3, 2018 – Venerable genre film studio and distributor Full Moon Empire has acquired one of the largest erotic feature film libraries in the world from New City Releasing and its sub-label, Torchlight Pictures. For over a decade, New City/Torchlight have been responsible for producing over 200 high-quality erotic thrillers and soft-core adult dramas for cable television channels like HBO and Showtime, films that now command a devoted, international cult following of fans. With Full Moon fast becoming one of the premiere studios to market their vast film library of fantasy, horror and science fiction films to the streaming market - via the Full Moon Amazon channel, Hulu, Full Moon Streaming, Exotic Movie House and more - the studio has recently found great success offering classic and contemporary erotic entertainment on these platforms as well.

“I've long admired New City and Torchlight's beautifully produced, sensual late night cable favorites," says Full Moon Empire founder and president Charles Band. “While our existing library speaks for itself, adding this new wealth of quality entertainment for adults and couples to enjoy can only strengthen the services we're currently offering. I'm very excited about this deal."

Full Moon Empire was founded by Band in 1989 after a profitable and high-profile theatrical and home video run with his Empire Pictures studio in the 1980s. While the latter imprint yielded such top-grossing independent fare as GHOULIES, TRANCERS, RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND, Full Moon Empire brought Band's vision to another level via a distribution deal with Paramount Home Video that saw their unique horror and fantasy film franchises like SUBSPECIES, DEMONIC TOYS and especially PUPPET MASTER become international video rental and sell through successes. To date, PUPPET MASTER stands as the most successful direct-to-video franchise of all time, with 11 "official" films and a recent remake - PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH - produced by Cinestate and FANGORIA Entertainment. Full Moon Empire currently distributes hundreds of their own diverse films as well as dozens of other popular and iconic genre pictures.

Founded by Alan B. Bursteen in January 1991, New City Releasing is a full service sales and distribution agency representing independent motion pictures in the United States. Over the past two decades, New City has built and maintained a solid reputation as an effective firm that negotiates and secures the rights and licensing of theatrical blockbusters to lower budget art and genre films. The company has represented such acclaimed features as the Academy Award-winner® for Best Picture 2006, CRASH, Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN BEGINS and MEMENTO, THE ILLUSIONIST starring Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel, FREEWAY with Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland, and the cult

classic THE BOONDOCK SAINTS, starring Willem Dafoe.

"I've always been a fan of Charles Band and Full Moon," says Bursteen of the New City/Full Moon deal. "The erotic films in our library are incredibly popular and I’m very pleased that they're finding a new lease on life."

Full Moon Empire will begin streaming titles from the New City/Torchlight deal this month, with select titles targeted for release on DVD and Blu-ray. Upcoming titles include BIKINI FRANKENSTEIN, BIKINI TIME MACHINE, NAUGHTY NEWLYWEDS, BAD GIRLS AT PLAY, SAPPHIRE GIRLS and many more.

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