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Crossy Road co-creator unveils upcoming horror game, After You

October 20th, 2017 - Melbourne, AustraliaNormal Wholesome Games, a brand new game studio founded by Andy Sum, has announced its debut title: the disturbing psychological horror game After You.

While Sum is best known for being half of the duo that created the international smash hit Crossy Road, he has an eclectic body of work behind him, including the bizarre cult favorite 420BLAZEIT. Being a developer who loves to try new things, his upcoming release is an unsettling horror experience designed to make players question everything they see.

Based in Melbourne, Sum has assembled a talented team from around the world for Normal

Wholesome Games, creating a virtual studio in which everyone is connected digitally. This new studio’s primary design goal is to surprise players by subverting their expectations, leading to memorable and emotionally resonant game experiences.

Because surprise is such a large part of what makes After You effective, Sum and the team won’t be giving away too much. They are only willing to reveal that After You is designed to be deeply disturbing, forcing players to consider the meaning of their own choices and to question their motivations.

On the question of why he would choose to make a horror game, Sum said: “I’ve always tried to understand the things that scare me, and making games is a great way to do that. I can’t handle anything horrific – movies, games, or anything – so that intrigued me: why do so many people enjoy these things that are inherently unpleasant? So I started making a game in a genre that terrifies me. It’s extremely uncomfortable to test my own game, just designing it has been giving me nightmares. How messed up is that?”

After You will launch on Steam for PC and Mac, with launch date and more details coming soon.To get the latest information, follow @NormalWholesome on Twitter, and click here to join the mailing list.

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