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New On Shudder: August 2017

Summer’s almost over and the kids are getting ready to head back to school. Those of you who wish to get into the spirit of education would do well to head over to Shudder this month, where a Battle Royale double feature is waiting just for you.

Directed by Kinja Fukasu and starring Tatsuya Fujiwara, Aki Maeda, and Tarô Yamamoto, Battle Royale follows a class of Japanese ninth-grade students who are forced to fight to the death under the requirements of a sacrificial governement program. If that sounds like The Hunger Games, that’s because it is like The Hunger Games in concept, though Battle Royale precedes the book adaptation and differs in audience and plot. Both Battle Royale and its 2003 sequel are ready to stream today.

August 17th brings a new Shudder Exclusive in the form of 2017’s Small Town Killers. In it, two tradesmen Ib and Edward are tired of their lifeless marriages and dream of living the good life from the stash of money they've earned moonlighting for years. In a drunken stupor of frustration, the men hire a Russian contract killer to eliminate their wives. But they have badly underestimated their spouses. Small Town Killers is directed by Ole Bornedal and stars Nicolas Bro, Ulrich Thomsen, and Mia Lyhne.

The full list of titles coming to Shudder in August is below.

August 1st

The Broken (2008)

After.Life (2009)

And Soon the Darkness (1970)

Battle Royale (2000)

Battle Royale II (2003)

Burning Bright (2010)

Cooties (2014)

Frozen (2010)

Intacto (2001)

Nurse 3D (2013)

Pi (1998)

Road Games (2015)

The Backwoods (2006)

The New Daughter (2009)

The Nightcomers (1971)

The Wraith (1986)

August 7th

Mesrine Part 1: Killer Instinct (2008)

Mesrine Part 2: Public Enemy #1 (2008)

The Club (2015)

August 14th

Thou Wast Mild & Lovely (2014)

August 17th

Small Town Killers (2017) ­ A Shudder Exclusive

August 21st

Sun Don¹t Shine (2012)

The Oregonian (2011)

The Other Side of Sleep (2011)

Until the Light Takes Us (2008)

August 31st

Confession of Murder (2012)

Fairy Tale Killer

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A.M. Novak is a California-based freelance writer and staunch Halloween 6 apologist. Her horror film analyses have appeared on Birth. Movies. Death.,Vague Visages, F This Movie!, Daily Grindhouse, and wherever they'll let her talk about scary movies. Follow her shenanigans on Twitter @BookishPlinko.

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