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Ten Houses That Should Be Haunted

As Halloween swiftly approaches decorations are starting to emerge in front of homes, like monsters rising, once again, from their graves; but, as always seems to be the case, in any neighborhood, there's that one house that, no matter the time of year, is always spooky. Maybe it's the inhabitants who live there or the dilapidated facade - these houses spawn spooky stories about what may have or may not have happened behind the walls. In honor of the creepy house just down the road from any of us, I present to you a list of the top 10 creepiest houses.

1. If those walls could talk...they'd most likely scream.

2. It's not a good sign when the porch is up on blocks

3. Go to your doom a little easier with hand rails.

4. It's Drafty...and deadly!

5. Tall weeds and a roof that's caving in...who knows whats lurking there and where.

6. Watch that first step...

7. With diamond shapes everywhere, an 'X' over the window, and a roof that looks like scales, I get the feeling that I should just leave it be.

8. This witch got it wrong, this is not how to lure kids to your house....

9. Even the house is screaming in terror.

10. AND....NOPE..NOPE ...NOPE!

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