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Watch: Blair Witch Behind The Scenes B-roll Shows Cast And Crew At Work

In 1999 The Blair Witch Project opened in theaters and ushered in the found footage cycle. This film was special because it was marketed predominantly over the internet ( which at the time no other films had such a strong web only marketing campaign, of course times have changed) and for many of us, we weren’t sure if the story was true or not. Now we know, but people flocked to the theaters to see this new (sort of) film making format. Some were sickened by the horror and others got motion sick from the jerky camera movements. Now after 17 years a new sequel is being released.

This time, however, we know this is a movie and not really found footage of a group of college kids who got lost roaming around the woods trying to find the titular apparition. In a video released on YouTube we can see the cast and crew at work and there is some creepy imagery. There’s no sound but you can see props people putting up the stick figurines, and some creepy witch-like thing in the woods. Whether or not the movie is any good, it is a nice example of what it looks like on the set of a found footage film.

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