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ScareLa Casts a Dark Spell Over Pasadena, in a Fun Way

There’s something primal about walking into a Halloween store. It’s dark, spooky music plays over loud speakers, and there are laughs as people try on costumes and masks deciding what they’re going to wear for the year. But, what if you want that fix before the month of October? Well ScareLA has you covered.

A body hangs from the dispaly at Dapper Cadaver

Celebrating its third year, ScareLA: The Season of the witch, (a little wink for the Halloween fans out there) casted a dark spell over the summer at the Pasadena Convention Center. Hosted by Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, there were demonstrations by makeup professionals, a vast array of artists, sculptors and celebrities; not to mention, performances by theater companies, educational panels, and screenings of original short films.

Del Howison from Dark Delicacies and Haley

Lora Ivanova, founder of ScareLA wrote “I wanted to create a place where the entire scare-loving community can come together - from fans to famous.” She added, “ScareLA extends the spooky season for scare enthusiasts of all ages in SoCal and beyond.”

A highlight of the show was the ghost town sliders and the mini-haunts, as well as a snake display from The Southern California Herpetology Association & Rescue.

However, no matter how good a convention is, it’s all about the people who show up, and the people were great! The monsters walking around are the best type: fun. Vendors were friendly, informative and everyone’s ready to share their love of the holiday, the films and just happy for a little fright.

And, Haley won a raffle from RIP City winning over $400 in professional makeup supplies, which she will have a video in a link below.

This was our first year at ScreLA but it won’t be our last. So if you are in the LA area next summer, take a trip to Pasadena and see how they are making that scary!

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