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We Went to Comic-Con

This week, there is no regular episode because Jeff and Haley went to Comic-Con.

Arcana Mystery Box Unboxing! SDCC

Jeffery got some goodies from the Arcana booth! Go check them out at SDCC!

Halloween and Glass Panel Reaction! SDCC

Jeffery and Haley just watched the Universal Pictures’ panel for Glass and Halloween!

We Went to a Wedding

This week we don’t have a regular episode for you because we went to Tennessee to witness the marriage of our writer Dan Lee to his beautiful wife.

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor (2017)

Jeffery and Haley went to The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and had a frightfully good time. Here is a quick video of our night.

52 Weeks of Horror goes to Midsummer Scream

Haley and Jeffery went to Midsummer Scream in Long Beach California and had a blast! Here’s what they saw.


Haley and Jeffery went to Monsterpalooza to meet and see people in the horror community. It was a so much fun and we hope to see everyone again soon!


Step into the world of the occult as we visit Pagan Day Fest 2016. See vendors in Magikal artifacts, mediums Marti and Michael Parry, Mystical artwork, and the costume party. Organized by Jyme Darling, The Pagan Day Fest was a magical treat!

52 Weeks of Horror goes to ScareLA

Haley Joanna and I went to ScareLA at the Pasadena Convention center and had a blast! Here is our little highlight reel of the event.


Some of the Halloween decorations I saw this year.

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