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Who's Making That Scary?

About Daniella

Born in Philadelphia, Daniella, as a kid, was always influenced by horror and anything dark and creepy. It was difficult for her to ignore all the ghost stories she heard as a kid, Philly being a very historic city and all. Daniella's mother is from Jerusalem and her grandmother moved there as a teen when she was kicked out of her tribe in Yemen. Their lives also exposed Daniella to tales of otherworldly creatures and spirits from a totally different culture. Even though she mainly deals in subject matter that's dark, it also has an Arabian influence, design-wise.

Around  13 Years old,  the dam broke and Daniella realized she wanted everything to do with horror and her drawings started taking a darker turn. Throughout high school, she was told the usual about having to go to college and she obsessively worked on a portfolio. The majority of it was mock-up band posters, portraits, t-shirt designs and she used that to get into The University of the Arts, formerly the Philadelphia College of Art and Design. 

School was difficult for her because shewas thrown off-course of what really made her happy. Daniella was told she needed to fit a mold so she could be marketable and was forced to change, stylistically, to be more cartoony to win the favor of art directors. It didn't mesh well. Daniella was doing characters that looked more like Bratz dolls, but she really just wanted to do my own thing, even if it meant she couldn't get a lot of work. Daniella immediately moved to Los Angeles on graduating and went through an identity crisis that eventually led her back to my creepy roots. She moved away from creating work that was as "cartoony" and started volunteering with Screamfest and Shriekfest. From here, everything fell into place.

Since She's been out in LA, Daniella has worked with Bobby Alt creating artwork for his singles; she's done a bunch of horror movie posters, re-designed the Shriekfest trophy, done t-shirt graphics for multiple studios, been a hebrew teacher, designed clip-art and homework sheets with BuySellTeach, and briefly designed posters for the Viper Room. 

Now, Daniella works as a designer with an Athletic Apparel company called WOD Gear and has several private commissions; but with Halloween around the corner, She's feeling extremely inspired and there will likely be a huge spike of work coming soon.

Daniella's work can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and her website.

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