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Pumpkin Flavored Marshmallows for Thanksgiving

This is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. and time has been cut short so we are bringing you a previously cut segment from the Japanese Halloween Treats episode. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and don’t forget to keep making that scary.

Japanese Halloween Treats

Haley and Jeffery went to Little Tokyo in Downtown LA, and found Japanese Halloween treats. Now on today’s episode they try these sweats from the east. Have you tried these, or any other country’s Halloween treats - let us know! Don’t’ forget to Keep Making that Scary!

A Quick Oreo Peeps Tasting

Haley and Jeffery try the Oreo Peeps - then a Peeps cookie joust, and not everyone gets out unscathed.

Voodoo Doughnut Dolls

This Week Haley and Jeffery take a trip up to CityWalk to the new location of Voodoo Doughnut and try some lwa laced lusciousness.

A Lunch of Larvets

Haley and Jeffery got a request to try Cheddar Worms and they go above and beyond, adding BBQ and Mexican Spice flavors to the Larvets Smorgasbord.

Tasting Horror Themed Soda Pop

This week Haley and Jeffery try horror themed soda and to see which one is truly a horrific treat! They try "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's All Out of Bubble Gum Soda, Jone's Pumpkin Pie, and Avery’s Totally Gross Monster Mucus soda; don't those sound good?

Horror Candy and Insects

This week Haley and Jeffery try some horror themed candies and chocolate dipped insects. See their reactions to these six-legged sweets!

Horror Energy Drinks: Feel the Power!

This week Jeffery went out and found horror themed energy drinks and both he and Haley try them. They try Ghostbusters Ectoplasm, Ghostbusters Slimed, Zombie Survival Can, and Refrescos de los Muertos. See how they stack up!

Bean Boozled: A Holiday of Horrible Flavors

Haley tries to get revenge on Jeffery by bringing in the Jelly Belly Game: Bean Boozled - Holiday Edition. Spoiled milk, Dead Fish, Grass Clippings: see who gets stuck with those awful favors!

Past Season Pastries: The Sweet Taste of Revenge

For Jeffery, revenge is swift, cold and filled with sugar as he brings in seasonal pastries for both He and Haley to try. And , well, their reactions say it all.

A Tasty Peep Show

Haley brought in a surprise of Fall flavored Peeps and Lindor Pumpkin Spice candies and she makes Jeffery try them. See their reviews and you can decide whether you want to try them yourself.

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