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Little Black Bat Offering Spooky Stocking Stuffers

It's that time of the year again where we're all focused on finding that perfect gift for the people in our lives. We want to celebrate togetherness and love and we want to give something really special to the people who mean the most to us. For scaremakers that means trying to find something that not only goes with the spirit of the season but with the overarching theme of horror culture in our daily lives. Stuff that's great usually isn't cheap and stuff that's cheap is, well, you guessed it. But there are plenty of creative fright fans out there who recognize this problem and who do their best to come up with original, creative, and affordable gifts for scaremakers on a budget and, as the holiday season creeps closer, we're going to start sharing a few of them with you.

Little Black Bats out of Chicago, Illinois features interesting, hand crafted jewelry and ornaments featuring your favorite pop horror icons. Lost Boys earrings, Ghostbusters enamel pins. An Edgar Allen Poe tree ornament worthy of the dower godfather of modern horror. There's a variety of unique, quirky, and culturally significant items available on the Etsy store that you quite honestly won't find anywhere else. Each item is hand cut and made of shrink plastic and sealer and honestly look like they were lifted straight from the celluloid and put on a chain just for you.

To me, Etsy can be a crap shoot. I've ordered some really cool things that have been worth every last dime and I've ordered some stuff that felt like a rip off once it arrived in the mail. That said, the items in Little Black Bats' shop look legitimately well crafted and, more importantly look like truly one of a kind creations. The customer reviews are what you'd expect from people buying unique items from an independent artist. Almost everyone is enamored by the creations they've received with only a few naysayers and unsatisfied folks who clearly didn't read the descriptions before putting something in their cart.

Krampus expects your cooperation this holiday season.

People expect big box discount pricing and world class customer service and they aren't particularly patient with sellers this time of the year especially. What I'll urge you to keep in mind if you buy from Little Black Bats or any other independent creator or craftsperson this holiday season (or year 'round for that matter) is to remember that these are small businesses, often owned and operated by the same person who is busy mass producing items you love and taking special orders when they don't have something particular in stock. All that to say, be kind and patient when you buy from an independent business this season.

Time is running out if you want your order filled and shipped in time for the holiday. Orders have to be in by December 17th to make it to you in time for Christmas. Check out all the cool creations that Little Black Bats is offering this howliday season.


Dan is an author, editorialist, podcaster, and horror culture & lifestyle correspondent from the Southeast. You can find Dan's stories at Danno of the Dead Blog and through PDI Press.

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