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Epic Zomedy "Dug Up" Scheduled For Release October 9th!

The wait is over! Dug Up has been scheduled to release on ITunes, Amazon Instant Video and Google Play on October 9, 2018.

Trevor Bo Chesney, an unemployed, dimwitted redneck, who enlists his oversexed girlfriend, Chelsea Layne, and his stripper sister, Amber, to help him find a purported $1 million worth of gold buried in the cemetery. In their quest to find the loot, Trevor and the girls instead unearth a secret dial, unwittingly bringing the undead to life.

Starring Paul McCarthy-Boyington, William Shockley, Nicole Herold, Sara Kaufman,

Greg Travis, Jeffery Dean, Sheree J. Wilson, Ezra Buzzington, Jordan Beal. Directed by Dustin Rikert.

Based on the trailer alone you know you are in for a hilarious, country fried, zombified, hell of a ride! (Sorry, I'm excited! I had to.)

I mean what's not to like? Comedy, Zombies, Girls, Guns, and Blood!

Not only does this look like a fun film, but it looks like everyone had a blast making this film.

"Dug Up represents one of the funnest summers I’ve ever had in my 18 years of filmmaking. The whole idea of the film was to craft a purposely campy “Zomedy” that plays homage to the kinds of 80’s horror classics like Friday the 13, Dawn of the Dead, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre that I loved as a kid. You could write a book about the adventures we had behind the scenes. It was Indie-filmmaking at its best and worst. A small group of people coming together to make something fun and memorable. It was one of the hottest summers on record in Vermont, but somehow everyone banded together. We had no money, but lots of ambition. My brother did the creature FX, my Mom the catering, and the cast we assembled based on the sheer belief in the script was incredible. Paul McCarthy-Boyington IS Trever Bo Chesney!! There hasn’t been a week that’s gone by in 7 years that someone hasn’t contacted me wanting to know when the film is coming out. I’m so glad that the world will finally get to see this delightful little labor of love! Thank you Vince Morella (Executive Producer) from the bottom of my heart for resurrecting this film from the dead!! " ~ Writer/ Director, Dustin Rikert

If you would like to keep up to date with Dug Up check it out in IMDB, Facebook, or the Team Two Entertainment website!

UPDATE: Here are the direct links for Dug Up- Amazon

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