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Sing Your Fears Away

Look, guys, I know it sounds cheesy but we need to bring back the horror song in some of today’s movies. They weren’t frequent, and far from being a standard, but they were always fun. Horror is a genre that’s multicolored and multifaceted. Its subgenres have subgenres. Sometimes we watch to get scared and sometimes we watch just to have a good time. Having the song is just an addition to the good time. Freddy Krueger saw a couple of them after the franchise had started to lean more towards fantastical than the darker terror of the original. Time doesn’t change when it comes to the outlandishness of sequels as we all know how zany and crazy franchises can get. A lot of horror franchises have been known to ‘jump the shark’ after a few films and then push further away from their predecessors. Of course, it’s a numbers game with the target of giving the audiences more of what they want. At this point a Jigsaw, Paranormal Activity, or even Wrong Turn song would be a lot of fun. It sounds stupid and pointless, I know, and it is, but it’s FUN. Horror-comedies as well are at an all-time high with the likes of Yoga Hosers and The Babysitter. A lot of these are so explosive and creative that having their own film-centric tune would be a great icing on the cake.

We live in a world today where everything is mass-produced and mass-marketed. Little things become big things by going viral. Pop stars are bigger than they’ve ever been. Celebrities are politicians. It would make sense in this fast-food pop culture era that catchy theme songs would return. Even James Bond films constantly have a new theme. Sure, a fun movie-themed song wouldn’t work for more cerebral works but there are lots of newer movies that could use them. There are loads of new, smaller budget horror films that are sharp and creative but, in this world of tentpole blockbusters, get the short stick when it comes to advertising. If you think about it from the marketing standpoint alone, a specific movie-based song would do wonders for a lot of these films.

The theme song – not score, but actual track – is like anything else in its subjectivity: it’s not for everything or everyone but every now and then would be fun; and in a genre where some people take themselves too seriously, it could help.

Here are a few fun ones and let us know if there are any more you can think of!

The Monster Squad

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Wes Craven’s Shocker

Although maybe we don’t need more of these…

What are some horror movies you could imagine having their own song?

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