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Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

Horror fans know that the universes of Friday the 13th, Evil Dead, and A Nightmare on Elm Street are all interconnected. Easter eggs in various films in the franchises led to the fan theory that the three supernatural slashers were taking place in the same world from Freddy’s glove hanging in the tool shed in Evil Dead 2 and the Necronomicon in the Voorhees homestead in Jason Goes to Hell and many others. Then came Freddy vs Jason in 2003. This crazed killer smackdown solidified the supernatural union of two of the most iconic horror movie bad guys in history and opened the door for the follow up comic Freddy vs Jason vs Ash in 2007.

Written by James Kuhoric and Jeff Katz the plot is something you’d expect from an episode of the Ash vs Evil Dead featuring the already tortured Jason Voorhees dealing with a trapped Freddy Krueger tormenting him in his dreams. Freddy convinces Jason that the only way to get rid of him once and for all is to go get the Necronomicon from the Voorhees homestead and help the dream creeping devil find a new body. Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite unintentional hero Ashley Williams is lending his expertise training the teens who work at the Crystal Lake S-Mart. Yeah, because what could possibly go wrong with that scenario? To make a long story short, Ash and the S-Mart gang Scooby-Doo their way into a hellish conflict for the Book of the Dead inadvertently pitting themselves against two of the most prolific horror movie murderers in history.

What follows is an epic full of blood, violence, one-liners and puns that make this one of the most excellent horror crossovers of all time.

The great thing about Freddy vs Jason vs Ash is that there is so much more development in six issues than could ever be dreamed of in a single film. I mean, let’s face it, after seeing Freddy vs Jason in 2003 and any of the giant monster movies made in the last five years, we know first hand that very little time will be devoted to actually growing and expanding these familiar face but will instead be wasted on trying to slap together a background for a host of forgettable side characters that are all going to be slaughtered over the 80 to 90 minute run time of the film. We could get some really amazing, really memorable scenes with our favorites but instead the majority of the time will be spent trying to make us feel something for vacuus, two-dimensional mobile scenery.

You’ll also never see these three anywhere else duking it out in this sort of twisted showdown that this comic book creates. Bruce Campbell himself has dispelled rumors for years now of any possible crossover between the three on film much to the sorrow of fans the world over. Despite sharing a universe with one another, it seems like we’re destined to be Ash-less in any future Freddy vs Jason sequel so this is as close as we can hope to come to such an epic three-way.

Using the shared universe created by horror masters Wes Craven, Sam Raimi, and Victor Miller we get to see these homages to each work take on a new life to the delight of fright fiends everywhere. Full of fanservice, wit, and genuinely unsettling behavior -especially from Freddy Krueger- Freddy vs Jason vs Ash is one of those rare horror movie/comic book crossovers that builds the story of all three characters without completely ruining them. If you get a chance and can find a copy, digital or otherwise, do yourself a favor and take a look. It’ll be well worth the time.

Dan Lee is a horror fiend and freelance writer with a special place in his heart for monster movies and demonic possession stories.

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