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If you’re a horror devotee and haven’t yet signed up for Shudder’s $5 per month streaming service, you’re missing out on some underseen genre greats. The site offers everything from classic monster movies to obscure giallo fare; there’s truly something for everyone. Shudder just revealed some of the highlights on tap for February, and it looks like we’re in for some treats. Programming this upcoming month is helmed by Shudder Canada’s Sam Zimmerman and Colin Geddes, who bring us two new Shudder exclusives.

First up on February 9th is Joyce A. Nashawat’s Blind Sun, a dread-filled festival darling that follows a stranded foreigner in Greece who is mired in red tape as he tries to get his residence permit, while trying to resist the paranoid madness that the record-high summer temperatures bring.

On February 23rd, Shudder will stream Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland’s We Go On, a haunting gem of a ghost story that’s worth your time. It tells the tale of a man with a fear of death who offers a reward to the first person who can provide proof of life after death. The responses take him on a dizzying nightmare that features Los Angeles as a character of its own.

Other films hitting AMC’s popular streaming service include: ABC's of Death parts 1 & 2 (February 8th), erotic thriller Nina Forever (February 8th), Lucky McKee’s genuinely hilarious slasher satire All Cheerleaders Die (February 8th), the fifth and final Phantasm installment, Phantasm: Ravager (February 14th), Nina Forever, zombie flick Death in the Time of Heroes (February 21st).

What are you looking forward to next month? Let us know below.

Anya Novak is a horror enthusiast and freelance writer, with bylines at Horror-Writers and Daily Grindhouse.

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