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New "Twin Peaks" Teaser Trailer Released

David Lynch sat just off to the side when Angelo Badalamenti, who sat behind a Fender Rhodes electric piano, asked him to describe the setting. As David described the dark woods with a light breeze and the girl, sad and lonely, who would be later found wrapped in plastic- dead. Her death would spawn a series, while only two seasons in 1990-91, that had everyone asking the same question” who killed Laura Palmer?”

The show, strange, surrealistic, with dashes of the paranormal and drama of small town life is getting picked up again in 2017 by Showtime and they have released a quick teaser that shows the green lush woods of the pacific Northwest while Angelo Badalamenti, superimposed, plays the haunting ‘Laura’s theme.’

The new series will include 18 episodes written by David Lynch and Mark Frost, directed by Lynch. Badalalenti will reprise his role as music composer. The new series will have a new cast of characters as well as celebrity cameos. Personally, I hope they sit down at the Double R Diner to a plate of Huckleberry pie and the best cup of coffee.

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