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A History Of Horror Montage

I have to admit, I love history. There is something about going back and looking at old footage, or reading books that allows me to find the roots of where we came from and perhaps clue me in to where we’re going. I, especially, love anything about the history of horror and I found a video montage of the history of horror in film by Diego Carrera.

Now, this is not a comprehensive account of the genre, but it takes one of the more popular horror films per year, starting in 1895 and going through to 2016. So with one film per year, there are going to be films that don’t make the list. However, it‘s still fun to see the movies that did make it and perhaps it’ll remind you of a favorite picture, or one you always wanted to see.

Perhaps there will be a second edition and it’ll hit up movies like Phantasm, Rosemary’s baby, or Friday the 13th. If that happens, I’ll be sure to share it.

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