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'Monsters Inside Me’ Set To Return Just In Time For Halloween

When it comes to horror, there are few things that frighten me. There are times I feel uneasy, there are moments when a jump scare actually works and I get a jolt, but overall I can watch most things and just be entertained. However there is one thing that I have a hard time watching. One thing I regularly have to turn my head away and let myself calm down and that has to do with real- live, non-fiction, parasites. Just the idea of something getting inside of something else is terrifying to me. That’s why I’m excited to know the new season of ‘Monsters Inside Me’ is set to return and infect our TVs (in a good way) once again.

Here are some real horror stories that will send a shiver down the spine of anyone who has nerves of steel to watch the show. This season features, a barnacle that attached itself to a man’s hand, a breast implant that was infected with mold, and, holy loads of nope, a bot fly larva inside a Texas Man’s Scrotum.

If you’re brave enough you can catch the premiere, Monsters Inside Me, Oct. 6 at 10 p.m on Animal Planet. I think I’ll need a drink before I tune in.

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