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Virtual Reality Coming To Knott’s Scary Farm



Costumed monsters, people coming at you from all directions, screams of terror emanating through a thick fog, that’s just the beginning and Knott’s Scary farm is upping the ante thins year to virtual reality.

The creators of the scares are introducing a new VR experience called “FearVR: 5150” and it will give visitors the first person feeling of walking through horror and carnage and will give them a sensation they’ve never felt before.

Christian Dieckmann, vice president of strategic growth at Cedar Fair, the parent company of Knott’s said, “We’re going to take guests on an immersive experience ... in a real-life horror movie.”

Guest who pay a little more for the experience will walk down the board walk and be strapped in an old wheelchair where they will put on Samsung Gear Virtual reality goggles and headphones.

The video, about four minutes long, centers around a girl named Katie who is at a medical facility.

“We don’t really know much about her, but we quickly start to realize there’s something a little supernatural to her,” said Jon Cooke, entertainment design specialist at Knott’s.

So if sliders coming toward you at breakneck speed, or the various frights and scares, you can get out ahead of the technological curve and take in the most advanced scare you will have this Halloween.

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