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Horror Is Good For You Says Science

Freddy is ready to give you your medicine

This week milk will kill you and wine is good for you; next week the dink of the vine will be poison, but the juice of the bovine will be the elixir of life. When it comes to health it’s hard to keep up with the latest craze will be, but there is one thing though that after all these years is still good for you and that is horror. So pull up a bucket o’ scares and let me talk to you about the latest science!

When we watch a scary movie it can releases stress hormones and when that happens, “your pulse quickens, you breathe faster, your muscles tense, your brain uses more oxygen and increases activity—all functions aimed at survival. In the short term, it can even boost the immune system,” says the National Institute of Health.

Another Study, published on PubMed, found that when subjects watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, their white blood cell count went up, which was the first time it was observed that a psychological event showed an increase of the white blood cells.

Watching scary movies has also shown to burn, depending on the movie, up to 184 calories!

So next time you are sitting down and someone says you should get more active, just throw on your favorite horror film and check exercise off the list.

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