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Helen Mirren To Play Sarah Winchester In Upcoming Horror Film

Dame Helen Mirren the academy award winning actress who has appeared in some of the greatest films, and known for playing Queen Elizabeth II is set to play another legendary woman: Sarah Winchester.

Sarah Winchester was an heiress who led a secluded life after the death of her husband and child; and felt that her family was haunted by the souls of all the people killed by her husband’s invention, the Winchester repeating rifle. It was after a meeting with a spiritualist that she was convinced that the spirits would only be appeased if they had a house that was always being worked on and would hold nightly séances to help with the building plans. Sarah begins construction on a 160 room mansion with stairways that lead to ceilings and doors to nowhere and a maze of hallways to appease the murdered souls.

The story is set around Eric Price, a San Francisco based Psychiatrist who is sent to evaluate Winchester’s state of mind 'only to discover that Sarah's obsession may not be all that insane'.

The film doesn’t have a release date but is set to premier late in 2017 and is directed by Australian twin brothers Peter and Michael Spierig.

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