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OPINION: Clowns Terrorize S.C, But Is It Real?

It sounds like a story taken from the local cinema, or ripped from the pages of a horror writer’s novel; children, on their way home from school are beckoned by clowns to come into the woods, where others are waiting with chains and knives. However, two days ago, news broke that there were clowns terrorizing a South Carolina community in Greenville County. The story has quickly made headlines across the country and anyone with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) has expressed utter terror about the menace. The question is, though, is it true?

the woods where thes sighting have taken place.

There have been stories about how one woman walking home saw a clown under the glow of a street light waving and she, apparently, waved back- and a child said that they heard clowns with chains banging on the front door of his apartment. In both cases no one left their name on the complaint. The Greenville County police have filed the reports and have investigated the woods around the area where the clowns have been said to stakeout for their young victims. But they have reported not finding any clown paraphernalia at a house near the pond where these clowns seem to take residence; nor have they confirmed any of the sightings.

This, however, has not stopped people from arming themselves. Pictures have begun to surface on social media, not of the clowns, but people with guns ready to hunt down any clown they see. There have been reports of gunshot fired near the house by the pond. This is concerning because in the case of Gags, a Wisconsin based clown that was seen walking around at night carrying black balloons, it was part of a viral marketing strategy to advertise a short film. Now, while we don’t yet know what the purpose of these clowns is, vigilantism is not the answer.

Gags the clown strolling the street.

Is something sinister afoot in the sleepy South Carolina town, is it part of a practical joke or a marketing scheme? Police are patrolling more in the area, and people, especially children, are being told not to walk through the woods alone. I am personally of the opinion that this was part of a marketing scheme or practical joke that isn’t funny. Whether the stories were exaggerated, or actors who took the role a little too far, I would not be surprised if this was the last we heard of these clowns in Greenville as they tuck tail and run for the circus tent.

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