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REVIEW: Don’t Breathe Will Have You Holding Your Breath

It’s rare that horror movie takes the number 1 spot in weekend box office, but Don’t Breathe has done so and it deserves it. The film was directed by Fede Alvarez and stars Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, and Stephen Lang. Don’t Breathe is the story of three thieves that break into a blind man’s house to steal a large settlement that he received by the death of his only daughter.

This film was nicely paced to add tension and Lang’s performance as the blind veteran was brutal, smart and unforgiving, with twists that blur the line of right and wrong. The sound was of the utmost importance in the film and for the most part was done to perfection. There were, however, moments when the drone and the music became too much as the earsplitting high notes did more to annoy rather than to add suspense. That said, it’s not a major part and is forgivable.

Overall, this is a film that will nicely fit into the new modern horror cycle that we are dipping our feet into.

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