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Pagan Day Fest Is Coming To Burbank

Witches, vampires, magic and demons; these elements are part and parcel to many horror stories. Many horror cycles involve a hint of the occult; maybe an evil magicians raises the dead or curses the living- however that's just fiction. What if you want to discover the truth behind the occult? Pagan Day Fest is your answer!

Pagan Day Fest has been celebrating ancient religions since 1999 and if you are in the California area and want to go, Pagan Day Fest will be held at the Burbank Marriott Hotel from September 10-11. The convention will feature The Bazaar of the Ancients, where you can buy magikal wares, the Sacred Space, The Feast at the Hall of Valhalla, as well as lectures and workshops and an Altar Competition!

If you are curious about the occult, perhaps you want to separate fact from fiction; the Pagan Day Fest may be for you! For more information got to

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