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‘Suckablood’ Hearkens Back to the Fairy tales of Old

Bloody Cuts Films has released Suckablood the 5th film in its horror anthology. This Gothic bedtime story was written and directed by Ben Tillett and Jake Cuddihy. The horrifying tale is about an evil step mother (is there any other in fairy tale stories?) who places a curse on her stepdaughter after she tries to stop her from sucking her thumbs. This curse calls forth the monster known as the Suckablood. I’ll leave the ending for you to see, but this visually striking film is fun and terrifying and leaves you with a wry smile by the end.

Some of the effects are a bit cheesy with obvious CGI, but the overall look and story make up for that. And as suggested in the notes for the film, “’Suckablood’ is a dark film set at night, so is best viewed with minimal lighting, and of course with speakers/headphones for the full experience.” This is one of those horror films that blends the straight up creepy vibes from the old Grimm’s fairy tales with a little modern flair. I recommend you give it a watch.

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