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UK Bans Zombie Knives

If you live in the UK and are preparing for the Zombie apocalypse then you’ll have one less weapon in your arsenal against the walking dead: specifically, Zombie Knives. These stylized novelty knives are inspired by the many zombie films and TV shows that have come out in the recent yeas and while one may argue their practicality, no one denies their lethality after a North London Teenager was killed using one of these knives.

Alf Hitchcock, Chief Constable of the Ministry of Defense Police said that, “vast majority" of knife crimes involved kitchen knives, but zombie knives had "suddenly become very popular as a sign of bravado in gangs". He added, "In weapons sweeps we've been finding these weapons on the street, hidden in places for use."

However legitimate collectors are concerned; and say the knives were "never weapons or things of intimidation but beautiful things to look at and appreciate." Adam a knife collector from Coventry added, "While I do welcome the law to take these dangerous, ugly weapons off the streets, I worry how many other legitimate collectors will find huge parts of their collections now classed as illegal by a badly worded and rushed bit of legislation."

Also Knife dealers are skeptical the ban could really be effective against people who really want to get a hold of them, “We have seen that it is very simple to obtain banned items from overseas retailers that are not subject to the UK's legal restrictions,” and “This overseas route does have the potential to maintain a supply of zombie knives into the UK and could prove difficult to police.”

Will the ban work to keep these knives off the streets of England? Only time will tell, and as of now, there has been a 12% decrease in crimes involving knives over the past five years. But as we wait for the statistics to come in hopefully the zombie apocalypse doesn’t strike.

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