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5 Bunnies That Will Make You Fear Easter

When is comes to scary Holidays, most will cite Halloween as the time of year when the ghosts and goblins haunt the streets and terrify the bejeezus out of the normal folks. I, for one, disagree.with this assesment. First, I know it's coming. Walk into most stores and you'll see the latex masks piled high, and hear the occasional question, "what are you dressing up as?" No, for me the scarriest holiday is Easter.

Frank from Donnie Darko

Think of it, walk through your local mall or department store, and low and behold out of the corner of your eye, there is some over stuffed dude in fake fur, luring children, like a long eared pied piper. Scary right? Now, allow me to present to you 5 of the scariest bunny outfits that will have you hiding your butts instead of baskets.

5. The Crazy Bunny

With vintage photos, we can forgive a certain amount of crudeness, but there's more going on here. This kid is playing it smart. It's like he's thinking, 'just do what everyone says, nod and smile without angering the lunatic rabbit and get out of here!'

4. The Bunny/Rat Monster

Some people don't belive in the safety of GMOs. I would agree if the scientists mix the Chuckie Cheese rat with the Cadbury Bunny. The kid on the right seems totally oblivious that his brother's spine is about to be ripped out and feasted on.

3.Super Pissed Bunny

Most kids show some emotion when they're put in the lap of a giant rabbit. However, the only emotion I see in this photo is pure hatred. This Bunny is one camera flash away from snapping completely. Perhaps that's why the girl is so calm, she's accepted her fate that it's the bunnie's turn to bite off a head.

2. No One Expects the Easter Bunny!

The sad thing was that this little girl wasn't even there to see the Easter Bunny. Oh no, she was at her local Glamour Shots to get a nice Spring picture to send to the Grandparents when Bam! The ravenous rodent burst in like the horrible offspring of The Kool-Aid man and Old Yeller. The little girl never had a chance.


1. A whole lotta nope!

I fear for our Species.

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