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Monster Bites

AHS Troubles, The Lighthouse and Vampire Bats

Today Jeffery talks about the American Horror Story Murder House, also known as the Rosenheim Mansion, and the new owners who are experiencing their own troubles. Plus, Jeffery discusses Robert Eggers newest cast members for his upcoming film: “Lighthouse.” Finally, a new Study, published in Nature, reveals how vampire bats managed to survive on their diet of blood.ahs

Chucky Carpool and Horror Plaid

Jeffery is back with Monster Bites! This week Jeffery discusses why using Chucky as your carpool doll isn’t a good idea and can you guess which shirts goes with which horror film?

Censored and That's Ok!

There has been a lot of of controversy surrounding YouTube and Amazon's "Censorship" of horror material, and Jeffery thinks it's okay and explains why.

Things You May Have Missed in "The Mummy" Trailer

Jeffery looks back at previous versions of "The Mummy" and unwraps the new trailer to find find clues about the upcoming film.

High Beam Horrors

Jeffery sits down to discuss why high beam decals are awesome but one has to be careful while using them.

Banning Clowns is Stupid!

Kemper county Mississippi has enacted an ordinance to ban clowns till after Halloween and Jeffery discusses why that's a dumb idea.

Glamour Magazine Bashes Horror Fans

Jeffery read an article in Glamour magazine called "Sorry I Don't Actually Believe Anyone Actually Enjoys Horror Movies" and it angered him.

Huckabee's Jaws

Mike Huckabee tired to make a Jaws analogy and Jeffery discusses why that wasn't such a good idea.

Monster Trucks, Looses Big, Friday The 13th And Rings Are Getting Bumped.

Jeffery sees that 'Monster Trucks' is going to lose $115 Million. That's what happens when you let kids run the ship.Plus Ring and Friday The 13th Remake are getting pushed back.

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