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Simple Scares: Pineapple Jack O’Lanterns

This week Haley and Jeffery try making a DIY simple scare with a pineapple. Turn any pineapple into a freakish fiend, good for any tropical themed Halloween, Hallowiian , – or any party that needs a Tropical terror.

Circuit Clay – Part 2

This week Jeffery attempts to make his own creation out of Circuit Clay by Klutz. 

Circuit Clay – Part 1

This week Jeffery tries out Circuit Clay by Klutz. This, the first part, Jeffery tries to follow the directions to make a Jack O Lantern.

Creepy Christmas Decorations

These are the holidays and this week Haley and Jeffery Make Creepy Christmas Decorations. These are perfect to go on your Scary tree or if you are among those with a more traditional sense, you can add a little creepy in with the cheer! And from all of us, “keep making that scary” and have a Happy Holidays!

Perler Monster Party

This week Haley and Jeffery do some beading, and try out the Perler Monster Party. See how that goes as they attempt to make their beady creations.

Watermelon Lanterns

This week Haley and Jeffery go get watermelons and carve some terrifying faces in them. See what kind of creations they make and see if you can make a watermelon scary.

Fright Factory Follies

This week, Haley and Jeffery open up Fright Factory the monster maker and squeeze out some "Eww Goo" and make some least that was the idea. This episode gets sticky.

Tarot Tarts

This week Haley and Jeffery go into the lab and turn a toaster pastry into a tarot card. Watch as they attempt to translate the intricate drawings into a frosted treat.

Horrorgami: The Super Cut

Haley found the Horrorgami book, the cut paper horror scene creator and insists that Jeffery participates. See how that goes as Haley recreates "Skull Island" and Jeff tries his hand at "The Thing Under the Stairs."

Monster Lab Mishaps

This week Haley and Jeffery make monsters with Monster Lab by Faber-Castell Creativity For Kids Kids. However, Jeffery has a hard time and even finds a way to mess this up!

Horror Dream Catchers

This week, Haley and Jeffery attempt to make a dream catcher scary. Who will come out on top? Which projects will catch and inspire more nightmares? find out and keep making that scary.

IT Floats, Floats

We all like floats down here and you'll like our floats too. This week Haley and Jeffery try to make It themed floats.

Horror Unicorn Drinks

Recently, Starbucks released Unicorn drinks and Now Haley and Jeffery are going to make their own with a scary twist!

Back to the Lab: Deviled Brains

Jeffery goes back to the lab to attempt to fix his deviled eggs and make deviled brains

Halloween Make-up Challenge

This week Haley and Jeffery try to recreate Halloween characters using only the make-up kits, and, well, it's not as easy at the box may make it seem.

Monstergami: Fail to Fold

This week Haley and Jeffery try their hand at origami, specifically, Monstergami. While folding paper is usually easy, folding it into the shape of a classic monster doesn't go as planned.

Terrifying Deviled Eggs

As Easter approaches, Haley and Jeffery attempt to turn an egg into something a little more terrifying - a Deviled Egg. Watch as Haley figures out how to boil an egg and Jeff tries something new.

That's Gross Science Fun!

This week Haley and Jeffery try a couple of gross and disgusting experiments with the "That's Gross Science Lab." Watch as they try to make Stink Bubbles and an Overflowing toilet emergency.

Metal Earth Madness

This week, Haley and Jeffery attempt to put together a model of a scorpion and a Tarantula from Metal Earth, and watch as they slowly lose their minds as they try to keep making that scary.

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