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Who's Making That Scary?

Christopher Michael Jimenez was born under the waxing moon of June in 1971. By the time he was 5 years old he was spending countless hours in the local theater watching JAWS. This, coupled with yearly week long diets of Universal Horrors created a mind completely engulfed in the art of terror and atmosphere. His babysitter was the television set and their he later discovered Taxi Driver, Psycho, and an endless stream of 70’s exploitation.

His youth was spent witnessing various acts of violence, sex and debauchery as his mother dated members of well-known biker clubs. A lot of imagery bled into his natural artistic talent, leading him to spend equal time watching and drawing adult horrors more vivid than expected at his young age. Eventually the art needed a story and he took up writing as well.

As an adult, Christopher balances most forms of art as a professional writer where his work can be seen horror sites including Fangoria, Shock till You Drop, and his own creative umbrella, Sinful Celluloid. In addition to writing, he has also continued his art in the digital age, designing posters for films, as well as websites for members of Powerman 5000 and Danzig.

On the film front, Christopher currently has several films in various stages of development, served as a producer on two features and completed three shorts for CryptTV. Some people say they’ll sleep when they’re dead, Christopher M. Jimenez may simply take a short break before launching into his next project.

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